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Easter Show
April 16 to May 7

Shy One has lovely
hydrangeas around 
him !


Easter lilies line the front entrance.

Klaus having a Photo op
of me.

Coming back to entrance.

Easter Lilies pink and blue Hydrangeas

Hyacinths Easter Lilies
Hydrangeas & Hyacithins

Another view
of the room

Lovely in pink

Klaus and his new camera

Co-ordinated outfit for the room ;)

Just as lovely in blue

Klaus telling me to smile :)

Mini daffs

Lovely parrot tulips.

Easter Lilies

Garden Goddess
shrouded in green.

Fish for the pond


They are so tall. 


Such a lovely view

We had an exciting thing happen at the greenhouse. The foreman Scott was there and I said "Hi are you Scott? I'm the lady who sent you an email about redoing my greenhouse page again". Scott must have really liked it because he stopped for a few moments from his busy schedule to give us the grand tour of the back greenhouses that have so many seedlings in various stages of development. The way Scott treated us we felt like visiting royalty. We have some pictures of behind the scenes. They start 350,000+ seedlings for Toronto Parks for West and North Toronto. He was proud to show us the work that they do. It is amazing the amount of seedlings they do.Thanks you Scott for the lovely tour. You and the gardening staff should congratulated on the job you do. 

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Between Christmas
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Updated March 1, 2001