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Summer 2000

Lots of colour in this container
I hope I can over winter some of them.

My Piglet's corner has become
coleus corner. It is now the end of the season I think I will try to make Standards out of a few of them.
I made two little scenes in my cassorole cooker bottom & top. They are now under lights in my lightgarden.




Tuberous begonias sunshine impatiens coleus and lots of lobelias at the back window.




The white and green container did well this year.
Mahon our neighbour planted a love white and dark green hosta behind it. Oh and the host of hostas have become our host of hostas. She is pleased because she doesn't have to plant there.

On both sides of the Gazebo I have Black Eyed Susan's.

To the left is my favourite container containing all sorts of lovely plants will try and over winter some. 

^..^ ^..^
Look who showed up
With their ears dyed
green...I think they spied the cardinal 2 boxes over.


Fox gloves called Foxy view of stream.

Left and right Gotta Lot of 
has coleus and green plants from the house and in some of my old tea pots I have planted coleus. The broad leafed plant is a pineapple lily my friend Ena gave me.





These are the Geraniums at the front door. The colour goes nicely with the brick. I have a spider plant in the font will take i in the whole font in and winter overlike i did last year.

I A Touch of Country 
is where I found some of the sweet gifs on my pages. 
 I think they add a nice touch.


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