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Well, Now Cedric would like to introduce a bit of whimsy to the garden. As you can see he's not too sure about it. ;-)

Benjamin and Humphrey love the new plants and home. 

Benjamin is nose deep in Irish moss.
"Very comfy on the nose and feet", he says.

Charles and Mabel, are still drinking they're teas....Earl Grey

Humphrey is quite taken by the lovely fairy bells I planted and the lovely geranium.

He really likes the lady bugs...

And he gets a nice spray from the bubble in the pond.

three hugging froggies
Curly Larry and Doe

Humphrey the Teddy Bear
Cedric the Gargoyle

Beauregarde PJ 

Benjamin and Humphrey love hanging out together.

Cedric and Benjamin
discuss lofty ideas.

Cedric always seems unsure of himself.

P. J. hops from place to place too.

Snowy the Egret was hiding in the orange lilies but now has a place by the pond.

Ladybug house close up they
are call Lisbeth and Emma.

Nice Pics of Celeste

My stained glass dragonfly Swifty.

This is Eddie
^. .^
The Squirrel
We just drove up when I spied him had Klaus new Digital camera and hastily snapped a few pics. He's fast so they are a bit blurry. 

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