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Memorial for Marjorie

This is My 
Memorial Page 
My Mother
Marjorie Gray 
Who Passed away
Novermber 13, 2001

It has been awhile as I write this, since mum's passing and I still miss her and I think I will miss her every day from now on. She meant so much to me. I have my love of gardening, the arts, books and cooking from her. I hope she and dad are resting in peace somewhere happy. 


I walked in my mother's garden today

I walked in my mothers garden today 
And I was alone 
I couldn't be a child here, for my childhood was gone 
My mother wasn't there today, she left for gardens grander 
She will no longer tend her plants 
She will not longer turn the earth 
She will no longer see the blossoms burst as spring comes forth 
And I'll no longer see her there, those joyous days are over. 
Her garden is without her now, Her garden holds no joy 

I walked in my mothers garden today 
And was enveloped by it, 
The way a child is cradled in her mothers arms. 
For here, in her garden, I was with my mother again. 
Everywhere her joy and creativity abounded, 
Everywhere she had touch the earth with flowers 
Everywhere I looked I saw her looking back. 
And everywhere her creativity and joy overwhelmed me. 
Her garden was her pallet, her garden was her serenity. 

I walked in my mothers garden today 
And I was I child once again. 
Taken back by a scent, taken back by a sound. 
I listened as a child would listen, and I heard my mothers voice 
I heard her gently encourage young seeds into growth 
I heard her roughly scold the slugs who dared to dine. 
I heard her praise the birds who chose her garden as their home 
And I heard her sigh of contentment, I heard her softly sing 
Her garden was her comfort, Her garden was her song. 
I walked in my mothers garden today 
And felt her touch my cheek 
And when I looked I saw, and felt, her presence 
My mother's touch was everywhere, at every turn and step 
I saw her love in seedlings small 
I saw her joy in springs fresh blooms 
I saw her smile in the suns warm rays upon the cool green grass 
And I felt her kiss upon my cheek, as the breezes gently touched it. 
Her garden holds her closely now, her garden's where I find her. 
by wendyb

This poem was written by Wendy B. a gardening friend of mine for her mother when she passed away. Wendy and Aurel have a lovely garden site.

click here for wendy and Aurels' The Garden Path


This is Klaus behind 
Marjorie's Magnolia 

I took the photograph the year we met April, May of 1970.


This is Klaus 
on the other side of the Magnolia 
May 2000

My mum, sister and husband put a deck across the back of the house. Marjories's magnolia shades most of it.




This is mum underneath her Magnolia
enjoying the evening
with the fire going.
My sister and her husband bought a lovely fire
for outdoors that uses propane.

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Pictures &Text by Catriona



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Memorial for Marjorie
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