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A Saturday afternoon  trip
to see
Ruth Ann and Don's 
Lovely house and garden
The rain only made it look all the better.

Right Click on Mouse and view to see pics larger.

Ruth Ann's 

Mr. RA with the

Ruth Ann's 
Lovely lush 

Ena and the lush lotus

Ruth Ann
is giving the fish 
a treat
Mr. U.O. watches Murphy

U. O.
She's going to feed the fishes

The fish come swimming 
for their Cherrio's

} I<<<<)*>

} I<<<<)*>

} I<<<<)*>


Ruth Ann's
garden is
you look
there are 

Beautiful perennials and trees. Here a few to enjoy.


Richard S .,  Mr RA & Mr. K.
are having a chat.

Thanks to Nora Mr. Kate and I have a lovely Pic of us together.
Lovely hostess
takes a dip in the pond.


Ena says
"Are you sure about this?"

"Sure I do it all the time."

"Why didn't I wear shorts."
Gingerly she steps down, thinking, "Why did I do this?"

"Come on in the water is fine. See it's only this deep."

"May I present 
my Lotus
Miss Luscious."

Mr. and Mrs. UO
watch Ruth Ann
being a water Sprite

"Take the pic Nora.
The water's getting cold
and the fish have run out of Cherrois."

Murphy is tired. He had a great day entertaining everybody. Especially
Mr. Urban Onion
I have met a new doggie friend.
Thanks Ruth Ann and Don for
the wonderful time at your lovely home. 
Ruth Ann thanks for the Plants  & take home goodies
Nora for the white cat tail.
Of course thanks for all the lovely food to every beenie who brought some. It was delish. 
Mr. & Mrs. Kate TO
we had fun :-) ~8)
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