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 Fairy dells 

I have always believe in fairies even before 
Peter Pan asked us to clap, 
If we did....and then I clapped very loud 
so even the smallest one could hear 
I laboured over cups of acorns. 
Taking off the cap and cutting 
across the top of the nut and gently 
hollowing it out. 
Filing  off the pointy end so the cup would not tip. 
Then carefully placing in the cap, 
 the cup gently made for them. 
Leaves were use for table cloths 
and tiny leaves for napkins fair 
Bigger caps were used as plates and a nut
for tiny violet vase or teapot. 
I would take large match boxes and make a table: cutting out the legs at the corners. 
Made chairs from more cardboard. 
Usually making four. 
taking all my handy work 
I set the table thus. 

Tiny beds were made from smaller 
match boxes with leaves for blankets 
and rolled up one for a pillow for 
the fairy's head. 

A small pond dug out for them to swim in 
and the stage was set for fairies and sprites 
to visit and linger. 

Now I am an adult I still believe 
and wish to make with loving hands 
a fairy dell for them to linger. 
and feel at home. 

by Catriona Ruthard. 


Sage's Buttons and Gifs 

Sage has the most amazing 
button's and gifs and now 
beautiful brushes for photoshops

Here is an example.