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    Pictures and text by Catriona


Click here  for an album of new pics from 2001


 This lovely welcome sign
was given to me by my good friend

from Benjamin Bunny

This is Benjamin Bunny
He will be hopping in and out of the pages
showing you the garden.
() ()
^..^ ^..^
Mr Moto had a hand in the fonts for the friends of course
Sylvia picked the colours
Benjamin Bunny

Cedric the Gargoyle


Beauregarde PJ

Humphrey the Teddy Bear. 
three hugging froggies
Curly, Larry and Doe

A line of beautiful blue scillas
along the Currant hedge. The scilla were just a pretty this year but didn't last too long. 

In summer I usually plant geranium, apricot
dusty miller and white allysum.

This is the same hedge 
under four feet of snow
winter 1998.

Benjamin adores his 
blue primrose.
He like me loves blue. 

The sweet heady smell of the hyacinth

Benjamin inspects the Blue scillas.

Our Welcome sign.

Benjamin Bunny looks at

loves the lovely colours.
A cute sign
given to us by my brother Ian
and my sister in law Brenda
their son Robert.


Benjamin and PJ have a chat

the iris is just blooming and the peony and lady's mantel are greening up and will bloom soon May 2000.

The hardy water lily we have was left in over winter, at this writing it had seven leaves on the surface and more coming. All the perennials i put in last year are filling out nicely. 

The perennials are filling in quite nicely.
Ut! OH! dividing next. 

Beautiful Lilacs against a gorgeous spring sky.

Klaus designed and built
this bird feeder in the style of a typical 
Black Forest House.

The John Cabot Climbing rose finally took off
Pansy faces



April Showers bring May flowers
                        () ()

^..^ ^..^

Benjamin and the cats have found the missing pics hope you enjoy them.

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