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A lot has happened in the past  year and I thought I would update the Home Page to reflect the changes. Through a garden chat room I belonged to, I found out about the Red Hat Society. I since have joined the First Toronto Chapter and become their
Webmistress. Click here for First Toronto Chapter of the Red Hat Society

I have really become involved in the Glass Art Guild of Scarborough and had two pieces in their show. Click here or on their name so see some of the members work. They are going to have a large stained glass piece done in 4 panels hung in the Hospital for Sick Children. We have a Christmas Tree  decorated at the Scarborough Civic Centre in the Rotunda with stained glass ornaments created by the members. 

Recent very sad events in my life have caused me to cut back in my love for water colour painting and attending the Art Guild of Scarborough meetings. 
I hope to get back to painting in the new year. I am still surfing the net and doing my webpages. Taking photographs with Klaus's new digital camera. 


I have become the Webmistress of the First Toronto Chapter of the Red Hat Society. Here is me before my first Meeting

():-){Trina Ruthard, Web Mistress
Click on the above link to email me about how to join our Toronto Chapter to see our the fun we are having click First Toronto Chapter.

To find out if there is a chapter in your area Click here for the Red Hat Society main page
My mother was very ill in hospital since August 7th of 2001 and passed away November 13, one day short of her 83rd birthday. I have a memorial page for her Marjorie's Memorial. I will miss her greatly.



Architecture, vistas, and anything pretty and unusual that catches my eye and my ear - I like. The Museum of Modern Civilization in Hull caught my eye. Beethoven, Mahler, Johann Strauss, or Julie Andrews catch my ear. Vistas and landscapes, rock formations and animals and flowers interest me. Shapes like the Stealth Fighter plane or jack pines intrigue me. We all love to travel, see new things and meet new people.

This year I have found a new hobby.  My wife would call it my obsession, building Vintage Marblehead Model Boat . I have build my first one called "Catriona".  We christened her and had her maiden voyage this summer. I am now busy building another called the "Stephanie". Click here to see the building and christening of them both. See all the fun we have in the Galleries of Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The 'Catriona' is sailing nicely
A Sail pass of the 'Catriona'.

View from the 
Lawrence Avenue East Bridge at the height of the Autumn Blaze of colour
  From the Black Forest

I am a photographer (BAA), love art, music, architecture, angels and anything nice like sugar and spice. So many things I would like to do but I have to go to work like so many others.  This summer I was in the Spain. Seeing Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and the island of Ibiza. 

The long August Holiday Weekend my friends and I spent in New York City. I was in front of the twin towers and took some pictures. I didn't have enough time to take all I want and thought I will take them next time I am here. September 11, 2001 happened and that will never happen. I am glad I took the one's I did. 

I have a very responsible job that leaves me very little time to do the the photographic art work I would like to do. 




We would love to hear from you 

Pictures by Klaus, Catriona and Stephanie..............Text by Klaus & Catriona

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The Whimsical Garden
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Klaus's New Hobby
New and updated
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