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The Whimsical Garden
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We plan & build the pond
Building the Pond
Pond seasonal scenes.
2000 Klaus makes lovely trellising for the 
John Cabot Rose in front of the house
2001 Klaus constructs the John Cabot Rose
2002 Klaus builds our Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Klaus constructs HGB
pics of the HGB

my journal
Views from the Gazebo 

The garden thru the seasons
  Early Spring  |  Mid Spring  | Summer 1999  | Summer 2000 | Autumn  | Snowbound 

The Whimsical Garden In pictures 2001/2002

Pics of the garden in 2001

2002 Klaus builds our Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Benjamium and Humphrey say hi | Lots of flowers pics | Klaus constructs HGB 
My Faerie Garden

My favourite garden sites, etc
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     A Visit to a Greenhouse | Canada Blooms 99 | Visit to Ruth Ann's
Trips around Ontario | Birding in the GTA
Mother's day at the Greenhouse

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