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One of the plants waiting
for the next show

The Regal 
Pelargonium Show
May 14 to June 4th




Scott was so nice when he found
out I was the one
who put up the Conservatory on the internet
that he stopped for a few moments and gave us the 
grand tour of behind the scenes.

One of the many
seedlings they grow 
for Toronto Parks

 350, 000+ seedlings are done for the west and northwest of Toronto
at the greenhouses.

The seeds start out in little plug trays until they get true leave and send out roots. Then they are potted on to six or four 
plastic cell packs
for biggish plants like the Pelargoniums. They are further potted on into
even bigger
pots. These pots will be set out in the conservatory.
Other plants are destined for the city parks. 

The seed machine for the
plug trays.

wating for the next Show.

Eva at work,
we surprised her. 

Busy in the potting shed.

Waiting as well.

Pelargoniums some
more waiting

This space is waiting for the next seeding packs to be potted up.

So many plants, so little time. 

 Visit to a Green House
Christmastime temperate room
Scott's Nisbet's Night-time 
view of the Conservatory
 Cactus Room
Summer in temperate room Autumn in the temperate room
Between Christmas
and Easter
On to Royal Tour 
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The Easter Show 
at the Conservatory
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The Regal 
Pelargonium Show
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Updated March 1, 2001