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The Cactus House 

The last time I went to the green house I ran out of film before I got to it. There are some really huge cactus
there now.


This is just a lovely setting.

Long arm of the cactus law

Lovely blooms on this agave.

This one has almost reached the ceiling.

This photo is me having fun in Adobe photo shop.

See how tall the cactus really are Klaus is 5' 9½" and they tower above him.

Another view of the agave.
Above the Christmas cactus has become huge, really lovely and massed with blooms.

The  pictures don't really show how big they are until you see the one with Klaus in the picture. 


I think this one is called 
"Bunny Ears".
Please don't pat them.  Yikes!!
These are three *NEW*scenes of the
the Cactus House.

We really enjoy the Cactus House. The cacti have grown so large since we started coming to the greenhouse years ago

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Between Christmas
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