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page updated March 1, 2001
    Pictures and text by Catriona 
Klaus took some of the Pictures

This is at the entrance to the 
Centennial Park Conservatory

A beautiful topiary made of ivy and decorated with red bows.


One of the many paths surrounded by lush green and vibrant colour

A favourite place for both photographers, weddings photos or 
just a place to sit and think. 

At Christmas time the place is alive with beautiful 
poinsettias of every hue.

I love the crotons that they have here. The colours are so pretty.

They look like statues but they are real. When I took the photo there were three when I came back there was only one lonely one.

They are very clean and lush here. 

I finally got a few photos


Bird of paradise.

The chenille planet.

This year, we were there when 
one of the gardeners and the Foreman of the Greenhouse were there. You could tell they both love their jobs. I told him I had a page up of pictures I had taken last year. He visited  it and sent an email with some of the particulars of up and coming displays. He said "We are open 365 days a year. On Christmas day we are open 1/2 day, but the other 364 we are open 10 - 5.

The Christmas show was over January 9 at which time we will changeover to a show including Cyclamens, Cineraria, Schizathus and Kalanchoe. Open Spring show follows and includes a wide variety of bulbs including tulips, daffodils, freesia, crocus. hyacinths, etc. This show usually lasts until Easter. Our Easter show is ready by Palm Sunday. We have Easter Lilies and Hydrangeas." 


Some  photographs of the outside of the
Centeninnial Park Conservatory
We usually go there in the wintertime and it is too cold to take photographs.

I can't make this any clearer here is the phone number 
(416) 394-8543

Navigation bar for the greenhouse shows further down the page.
We are pleased to show you some Night-time
photographs taken by
Scott Nisbet the greenhouse foreman

We went to see what was up at the conservatory and Scott the greenhouse foreman was there. He looked at us and said "Website!"...and mentioned that he had taken pictures of the conservatory at night.He asked me if we would like him to email them. We of course wanted to see them and put them up .These are is photographs.
Very Nice Indeed.
Thank you Scott
for the lovely view.

We have added new photos to some of the pages why not take and virtual tour and when in the neighboroughhood take a real tour and enjoy the lovely flowers in all their glory and delightful fragarence. :-)

 Visit to a Green House Christmastime temperate room
Scott's Nisbet's Night-time 
view of the Conservatory
 Cactus Room
Summer in temperate room Autumn in the temperate room
Between Christmas
and Easter

Royal Tour 
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The Easter Show 
at the Conservatory
 click here
The Regal 
Pelargonium Show
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