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My pet, Babies
in the Gazebo
Summer 2000
Page two

View of the Gazebo from the stream area. 

Please right click on images to view can see the details more clearly.

Swing time Fuchsia My favourite,
This is the one that started my love of Fuchsias.

The Gazebo's contain some really special plants I call them My Babies or Pets.
Klaus kids me when I pat them


Apricot Tuberous Begonia
hanging from it a teddy wind chime my friend Cheryl gave me. It was her Mum's. It has a lovely tinkle

This one has Rabbit Foot Fern
Begonia Double Pink 
Fuchsia, Deutsch Perle
white red
Fuchsia, Papoose. pink purple
Impatiens, Pink Ruffle, Double
Coleus, Penny
 Lobelia, Sapphire Trailing


Coleus Penny, Sapphire lobelia

If you peek to the far right the tiny fuchsia is called papoose


This container 
has Purple Duck foot Coleus 
Fuchsia, Tom West red purple with white, green and pink variegated leaves
Helichrysum, Petiolatum, lime
Fuchsia, mag.'Moulinae, pale pink
begonia Doublet Pink
tiny pink blossoms
Double Impatiens, Fiesta Pink Ruffle.
Sapphire, Lobelia, trailing.

This rambling, wild thing begonia
is from last year wintered over and the asparagus fern. There was added a coleus, and nicoticana 

I call this my sunny pot 
Scented Geranium, Fair Ellen , 
herb Jamicia mint,
 Geranium Brocade

Later in the year.
Klaus Complains that this plant is out to get him.

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